ADAptation of AGriculture in European RegIOns at Environmental Risk under Climate Change  


General Information - Schedule

General Meetings and Symposium:

On June, 22-23 2009 an International Symposium was held in Vienna.
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Third general meeting, Vienna 2009 information is available
=>> third general meeting

The second general meeting was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, from 10-11 March 2008 among the partners , after finalizing Objectives 1 and 2 to discuss the obtained results, on potential adaptation measures (which will be evaluated in the next period as Objective 3), and report on and discuss the regional assessments. Detailed information is available
=>> second general meeting

The first general meeting was held in Vienna, at the start of the project, and all partners participateed. The general guidelines, the project implementation and timetable issues (such as how and when to start regional assessments), as well as the financial aspects, were agreed and discussed between the partners.

Regional Meetings :

The regional group leaders will organise at least 2 regional meetings, one or two months before the second and third general meeting in order to discuss and coordinate the regional specific problems, conditions, limitations (such as infrastructure, socio-economic trends or perspectives).

National Meetings:

Each partner will organise, as appropriate, at least 2 national meetings open to all the stakeholders, and bilateral discussions with relevant local decision and policy makers, in order to implement the project objectives on the national level, especially to carry out the national assessments and gather local feedbacks from the decision makers (bottom-up approach).